Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Just little something from the latest xmas project. I haven't updated anything here for a while now but i promise i will be doing so soon. Please visit my page at facebook that i update weekly. Thank you.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mother Earth

 Mother Earth. Wood, aluminum, apoxie polymer clay and mohair. Actually i did this sculpture in few hours just to try to use mohair for first time on a sculpture. You get a nice result but it is very messy. Maybe i will try another one and put more hours into it. :)

Jamaican Girl

  Just trying to upload as many photos of my work here, so i will be posting final results. Eventually i will be adding more WIP (work in progress) photos. From armatures, sculpting, painting the eyes and finishing of the projects. 
  So here is another one. This sexy lady she made out of aluminum wire, apoxie and polymer clay.
  Base is about 37cmx 25cm, the sculpture is about 20cm tall.  Base ready to mount on a wall.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Catsuit beauty

 Never thought about sculptures this way until i attended a Christian Colin exhibition, that i have to admit that he is one of few artist i admire, and clearly you can see that i am influent by his work. 
 Now people have no excuse of not having an empty corner in their house for a new sculpture. :) 

Carnival 2011

Sculptures for carnival parade 2011. Commission work for A. Mavrogenis- Studio 8.

Carnival 2010

Sculpture for carnival parade. Commission work for A. Mavrogenis-Studio 8.

Master Chief

The well known Master Chief from the famous xbox game Halo. Polymer and Apoxie sculpt. 37 cm tall (around to 14 1/2 inches). Note: i did not design this character or own any of his copyrights, i just did the sculpture for fun as fan of the series from existing photos and references.